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Bwin Poker For Android Review – When to check the review

Bwin poker is part of the excellent Ongame Network. Ongame has developed a good android poker app, which can be used by all Bwin players.

Being part of the Ongame Network has its advantages. Besides a good android app, you can always find enough players to play a game of poker with. It doesn’t matter what time or date you’re playing. Bwin always makes sure that you have enough opponents.

Besides poker, Bwin offers a range of other gambling opportunities. You can bet on sports, play at the casino and much more. They even offer a sports betting android app.

Another advantage, Ongame works very hard to remain a respected poker network, so they are constantly improving their products. For now, the android poker app that Bwin is using is basic, but we expect Ongame to live up to its reputation and show us some new features very soon.

Before joining judi online terpercaya site, the checking of the reviews is essential. The gambling site will offer a plenty of gambling games to the players. The terms and conditions are easy to understand and there is an increase in the benefits and provides pleasant experience. 

For now, Bwin only offers Texas Hold’em cash games, but you can play every type. The android app offers limit, no-limit and pot-limit hold’em. The android app also allows you play a large variety of stakes. You can play everything from $0,01/$0,02 stakes, up to $25,-/$50,-. You can’t play Sit-N-Go’s or tournaments, but we expect this to improve very soon.

Game play and usability:

The android poker app from Bwin poker covers all the basic elements that an android poker app should have. It’s easy and quick to use, so you can find a table in no time for a quick game on the go with the quick seating function. Just fill out your requirements, limit, stake and players, click the button and you will be instantly placed at a table

The Bwin android poker app scores very high on usability. All the important aspects, the cards, betting amounts, etc. are made big, so it very easy to play, even on the smaller android devices with lower resolutions.

Another nice feature of this android app is that if you game is interrupted by an incoming call or another app, with one click you will be placed back at your table.

As a negative, the app doesn’t offer a multi-table function, so you can only play one table at the time, but if you are a one-table kind of guy, this app has a lot to offer.

Security and customer services:

Bwin Poker has an extensive security system, which ensures that the not only the software and the website is safe, but also their android app is perfectly safe to use. Also the transaction you make and your account details are secured by Bwin Poker.

Bwin Poker has a good customer support system, which you can reach 7 days a week.

If you want to read more about their security or customer service, please visit Bwin’s website.


A very strong android poker app. Scores very high on usability, but we would like to see some more poker types and a multi table function.

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