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Easy Poker Games That You Must Try – How to try

You must be familiar with an old saying,’ it’s never too late to learn anything’ and feed our self some new tricks. Why are you holding yourself back? Have you noticed the continuous boom in the poker games in the past few years? If your answer is NO, then let me tell you that there has been a massive increase in the number of poker players all across the globe – in both online and live poker games. In today’s digital age, it is convenient for people to learn something new online. Thanks to digital revolution that poker has gained such a mass popularity.

Poker is an easy and fun game to play, and if you know all the rules, believe me, it is no hard to master the game. When you are clear with the fundamentals, the game is just about conscious and basic skills like mathematics, reasoning, etc. Following are few poker games that you can master before trying the serious ones:

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Irish Poker- Irish Poker is just about having fun with friends or should I say your favourite drinking game. It’s just a guess game. The cards are distributed amongst the player and each player without looking at the cards has to guess whether the card is red or black. And, if a player is right, he is allowed to give the same number of drinks to anyone as the number on the card. The drinks can also be distributed amongst the other players; however if you lose, then you have to drink the same number.

Badugi- A game based on the blinds, Badugi is similar to a triple draw game. The maximum number of blinds for the person is restricted to two. It is a lowball game that means the lowest hand wins in the game. Badugi is a pure card game that involves four cards with the lowest hand as the winning hand. The greatest combination in the game is A-2-3-4.

Five Card Draw- Just like Irish Poker, five card game is also an entertaining game to try. It is played with an objective of having a good time with your friends. So, each player is dealt five cards face down, and then the player gets the chance to draw cards from the deck replacing it with the same number from the top. The betting round follows after this, and the best hand wins.

Seven Card Stud- As the name suggests, it is a seven card game where each player is dealt seven cards. But the number of cards that would decide the winner of the game is just five. In this game, you need to make the lowest possible five card combination in order to win the game

2-7 Triple Draw- This game is synonymous to five card draw – with the same game play, same betting and same showdown. Being a low ball game, the best combination in the game is 7-6-5-4-3-2. Aces are treated as high card in this game.

The above games are the most simple poker games that you can learn before shifting towards the difficult ones like Omaha Hi- Lo or Texas Hold’em.

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