Today And Yesterdays Bingo

Bingo is an exciting game that prevails around the world and causes fury online with sources such as qiuqiu. The simplicity and collective spirit are just a few of its virtues. Aldo today the game is familiar to our surroundings, it’s good to remember its origins.

Bingo is a game of long tradition; there are a few theories about where it came from. Some even indicate it was born in the heart of the Roman Empire. However, the prevailing theory refers to an Italian game of XIV century denominated “Lo Giocco del lotto d’Italia” (Italy lottery game)”.With time the game-still not baptized as bingo- arrive in France where people started to play it with the same rules that are usually used at the present time: numbered cardboards and someone with an elevated tone of voice read the numbers.

Bingo started to spread around Europe thanks to high-class society and by a few that found in the game away of teaching children.

Another great jump that took the game (we cannot call it bingo yet), was its crossing through the Atlantic Ocean: it was taken to America and settle in festivals, fairs, and squares. As the players marked the cardboards with beans, they shouted “Beano” when the cardboard was full, because of the derivation of the word “beans”.

At least, that what the legend indicates. The same one that says a New York manufacturer of toys felled in love with the game when seeing a group of people playing “Beano” in a fair at Atlanta in 1929 and started to practice with friends. One of them was the one who shouted, in the middle of the incomparable emotion to win, “Bingo” instead of “Beano”. Since then, that name stayed.

Already baptized bingo expanded everywhere and became very popular playing as a supporting game, mainly in churches, to collect monetary funds.

Through time, Bingo advanced more and more. As much that at the present time thanks to the Internet we can play bingo from our home, office or where ever we wish to, pleased and relax, in absolute comfort, alone with our computer. But not completely alone, because online bingo does not neglect one of the pillars of the game, its collective spirit: while we play from our computer, we are connected with hundreds of people through the Internet. It is to say that’s far better than traditional bingo, already we connected ourselves to the network, we played with friends and the prizes are much higher than the current bingos.

This is the most advanced bingo generation and has turned it into the most asked internet game. Besides, online bingo is in English, which helps to enjoy it even more the game.

On top of it all, it allows us to play for free, to try it until we wish to buy cardboard and to make a lot of money.

William Greco is a feminist trying to encourage women to pursue their dreams in casino industry with his creative and powerful writings.