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Tips For Traveling Gamblers To Get The Most Out Of Reno Hotel Casinos

Reno is a little city, where business runs all around the casinos. Since I worked for many of them, I can tell you which hotel casino will suit you the best, and what advantages you can have, before you lose all the money you came with to this gambling type of vacation. The fight for […]

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How to Win at Roulette: Martingale Betting System

Roulette is a game of chance just like any other casino game. It is a popular amongst beginners, but professionals love it too. It can be as simple as picking a color, red or black, picking odd or even, or picking numbers 1 through 18 or 19 through 36. Those bets are called outside bets and pay even money. If you were to bet five dollars on red, and you won; you would receive five dollars for a profit of five dollars.

The outside bets are essential to what is known as the Martingale Betting System. It is one of the easiest systems out there, and it will always work in theory. The plan of attack is this: every time you lose, you should double your bet. For instance, if you bet 5 dollars on red and lose, then your next bet should be 10 dollars on red. If you lose again bet 20 on red and so forth. When you win, return to your initial bet. You keep betting on the same thing until you win. Also, when you win, you will make a profit of your initial bet. In this example, once you win, you will have made a profit of 5 dollars.

I have used the Martingale Betting System many times to return a profit. I only use this system on a table with low minimum bets since I never have a huge bankroll.

As I said before, this will work every time in theory. Will it work in a casino? Yes and No. It can work in a casino, but the casino will take the steps to help decrease the chances of the Martingale Betting System to work. They do this by table maximums. Usually table maximums for a roulette table are 100 dollars.

Let’s pretend the minimum bet is 15 dollars. On your first bet you lose 15 dollars. On your next bet, which is 30, you lose. You are now down 45 bucks. The next bet, 60 dollars, you lose. You have now lost 105 dollars in three spins. You are unable to double your bet because 120 are greater than the table max.

How can you play the Martingale Betting System best in a casino? If you see a few blacks in a row you have a better shot of playing the Martingale Betting System as opposed to betting on red right after you see your first black. Basically, you are allowing yourself to see more spins to help yourself make a better guess on when the best time to play is. Try and see as many spins as possible before you make your bet. As what a lot of people say, practice makes perfect, so if you really want to win, you may try some practice on Judi Online. This will help you to try casino games virtually. For some people, this is the best way to learn how to successfully win.

Escape Gambling

Every person has different ways of coping to emotional difficulties. Others do it the healthy way such as meeting up or chatting with family or friends, playing sports or video games, channeling it through hobbies like pottery, painting, etc., or doing other recreational activities such as watching movies or TV shows. While others, on the other hand, do it the harmful way like, drinking heavily, doing drugs or gambling to the point of losing all of their possessions.

Now let us focus on gambling addictively as a way of avoiding emotional problems. Others may not realize that being addicted to gambling is a very lonely sickness. A lot of people gamble to escape loneliness or emotional troubles. A person doing that may think that it could get him or her away from the loneliness he or she feels. But what that person does not realize is it is only for a very brief moment and that the end result of it is feeling lonelier than ever.

Most escape gamblers are women and usually start when they hit the age of 30 or older. Escape gamblers are typically mutually dependent and prefer games compelling little or no skill such as bingo, slots or the lottery. The escape gamblers when playing such games that require little or no skill would appear deaden or in a daze when busy in gambling. When they play those types of gambling, they feel freedom from the emotional and physical pain that they are going through. Escape gamblers are conflict avoiders and at one point in their lives or often have suffered verbal and physical abuse, that’s why they prefer games that have little thinking to do.

No matter how deeply pitted a person may think, there is hope in breaking off from gambling addiction. There are many treatment programs that involve individual professional counseling and group therapy that can help a gambling addict overcome the addiction.

But just to give you some tips to keep away from loneliness instead of turning to gambling:

1) Before getting yourself into gambling, why not check it first with Gamblers Anonymous via online or you may call the National Gambling Helpline. You might have a change of mind once you have spoken to one of their counselors.

2) Eating right and taking care of your physical body will definitely help you feel better emotionally. Notice when you are dehydrated, you feel either easily irritated or down? So keep your body in good shape and hydrated.

3) Have you lost contact with your family and friends recently? Try and start to call the people you had a falling-out and or avoided while gambling but please do it slowly.

4) Meet up new friends. There are now a lot of popular networking sites that you can be a member of and are good ways of meeting new people from all over the globe.

5) Always remember you are not alone. Others have suffered from loneliness and resorted to gambling as they’re way of escape, so it is not only you who have experienced that but there are million others as well. 

In addition, there are also Pkv games and poker online games that you can find online. Make sure to stay away from these activities. Instead, try to look for other activities or hobbies where you can spend your time one.

Remember, there is always hope for a gambling addict. One only just has to believe and take that step toward change.

How to Get Las Vegas Comps Without Gambling

Usually, when people think of getting comped in Las Vegas, they think of gambling with a large sum of money over a long period of time and receiving a small, “Thank you,” from the casino in the form of a meal ticket or free room stay. Most Las Vegas visitors think that they have to work very hard for comps at their favorite casinos. Little do they know that there are ways that they can receive comps from Las Vegas casinos without ever spending a dime on the property.

These tricks are not fool-proof. They do not work every time, but they have worked for myself, and many other 안전놀이터검증 and first-timers to Las Vegas. Since they usually do not cost you anything, they might be worth your time to try to get something free for not doing anything at all.

Pretty Lady

I have noticed in the past that many pretty ladies will be given comps for doing nothing more than flirting for a moment with one casino worker or another. While this usually will not work with the pit-bosses, this does often work with many of the lower-totem-pole workers. I have seen these workers ask for a comp for a pretty woman as a favor from their boss or pit-boss.


If you are staying in a suite, stop by some of the other casinos around yours and ask to take a look at the suites for the next time you stay in the area. There is a good chance that if you play your verbal cards right, you will end the tour with a comp. Make sure that you show the casino host your room key so that he or she can confirm that you are staying in a suite.

While you are being shown the suite, point out what you like about the suite over what you are currently staying in. Make sure that you also point out things about the casino that you like as well. Explain that you are planning a trip back to Las Vegas in the next few months so that your interest appears pressing.

More often than not, a casino host will do what he or she can to try to seal the deal for the casino. If the casino host does not offer a small comp, it is worth using tact and a round-about fashion to ask for a comp to help turn your eyes and wallet towards that casino.

Hotel Vault Users

I am a book collector. Most of the time when I travel to Las Vegas, I will hit some of the antiquarian bookstores in the area to see what kinds of rare find that I can come across. Once I have made a purchase, I head right back to my home casino and request that the purchases that I made are placed right in the vault.

Since the books that I purchase are usually very old, it is very easy to press that they are more expensive than they actually are. This makes it more likely that the hotel managers will allow me to store them in the vault (especially when they realize that the pile is larger than the room-safe that I am supplied with).

I will usually go through a long process about how I want the books handled and stored. I press that I need to be assured that I will get them back in the same condition that I handed them over in. Often, as a way to gain extra trust, hotel managers have usually given me comps for the adjoined casino.

As I said before, these techniques are not fool-proof and they are not guaranteed. It might be worth trying for a free meal, or a cheaper stay at a casino. If nothing else, I have gotten free t-shirts at least for trying to get something for nothing. Las Vegas casinos give away comps every single day. Why not try to get some for yourself?

How To: Improve Your Strategy and Winnings in Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker

Many people think “Poker is based on luck, there is no way to be “good” at it”

Well, I’m going to prove them wrong. I make $50+ dollars a week by playing poker. Now, I know this isn’t much, but shouldn’t luck make me lose money also? The answer is…No. Poker, unlike Blackjack, for example, is played against other players…NOT against the house. So that means if you are more educated in simple strategies…YOU will be the winner, not THEM.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s


– Initially raise with pairs, but beware of overcards

– Be willing to leave your hand, no matter HOW good it looks now. Trust me, it won’t look as good when your opponent shows his hand, quite possibly dominating yours.


– Become pot-committed on a single hand, UNLESS you have the stone-cold nuts (best possible hand)

– Lose your cool. This will only allow you to play less than exceptional hands, that you would normally fold.

#1 Way to Improve your Game

Play online on DominoQQ. Most poker rooms allow you to play with “fake” money, which is regenerated. Treat this fake money like normal money, cherish it! Doing this will put you in the mindset of a real poker game. Practice getting out of hands when you are dominated, and extracting the most money when you have the nuts. See how much fake money you can get.

Poker tournaments are also a great way to improve your game. In a tournament, you have to adapt your game as you progress through the tournament, which is also a great skill to have. Another great reason to play tournaments is “freeroll” tournaments. These are tournaments where you can register for free, and if you finish in one of the top spots, you are awarded real money.

Poker Books

There are lots of books out there that have helped me with my game. The books that have helped me the most are Phil Gordon’s “Little Green Book”, Gus Hansen’s “Every Hand Revealed”, and Phil Hellmuth’s “Play Poker Like The Pros”

How to Determine Weak Players in Poker Gameplay?

Poker gameplay is widely played across the world as it is easy to comprehend games. The game of poker is much different from several other games of gambling. If poker is your favorite game, then you must know that identifying weak players in the game is the ultimate way of winning the game. 

We are here stating easy ways to identify weak players in poker gameplay for winning the game as soon as possible and not to waste your good cards over them. if you are a beginner, then consider reading until the end for not getting out of the game early

Determining weak players in poker gameplay!

Identifying weak players in QQ Online gameplay is a must so that you don’t practice to waste your considerable cards over them that can actually make you win the game. 

  • Limping:

if the player in your gameplay is frequently limping into pots is a basic sign of weak player. However, skilled players do limp into pots, but generally, it is more practiced by the weak players that are not acknowledged with the gameplay appropriately. For isolating limping players, skilled players can practice raising in the gameplay. 

  • Playing out of position:

one who is messing up at the basic thing is simpler understandable that one is weak. In the game, you are provided with some hidden benefits based on cards and numbers that can actually help you to win. If the player is not playing out their position precisely, then this weakness of them can help them get players out of the game easily. 

  • Playing too fast:

the gameplay of gambling does require precision where you think of possibilities that help you to decide the next step in the game. However, if someone is playing the game too quickly, then it is a direct sign of a weak player who plays without looking at possibilities. 

What Are The Ways To Get Started In Online Poker?

There are millions of active users who are visiting Dominoqq and other poker games platform for playing such games. It a one of the most popular platforms through which one can easily earn money. There are different-different gambling games through which one can easily earn money. There are lots of people who consider the offline method for playing poker games. Nonetheless, you can also go through the online method for earning money just by playing poker games. There are lots of benefits for an individual who is playing these games on a daily basis. 

There is no harm in playing gambling websites because they are legalized as well as a trustworthy platform for those individuals who are interested in playing these games. You can also play these games easily from any poker website. If you have a high-quality internet connection, then it becomes prominent for you to consider these games. 

Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read about some ways to get started in online poker. As a reason, it will become easy for you to start playing poker games. 

  • The very first thing which should be considered by you is to choose the right platform. If you consider a legalized platform, then there will be no risks for the player while playing poker games. 
  • The second thing is to register your mobile number or email id so that it will become easy for you to get notifications through the game.
  • You need to consider all the rules and regulations for playing the game so that you will win the game easily.

All the ways through which one can play online poker game is listed in the above section. Go through this information wisely for playing online poker games. 

Determining Your Buy-in for a Poker Cash Table

Determining your buy-in at a poker cash table can be a tricky decision, and depending on whom you ask depends on what kind of answer you will receive. However, your starting amount can be very important and affect the way you play and whether or not you win or lose.

First of all, what is a cash table? A cash table is a table that you sit down at and exchange chips for cash. Your buy-in amount may be different than the other players and you can get up and leave any time you like. This is not a tournament where you play till the death. Players at your table may come and go. Even when someone loses all their money they can rebuy back into the game, giving them a second chance to win your money.

How much do you need to sit down at a cash table? This answer is subjective and depending on where you look will depend on the answer you receive. Most pros say you need anywhere between 30 and 50 times your big blind. If you are playing no limit Texas holdem for blinds of one and two dollars, then most pros suggest you sit down with around $100. However, you will often see people buy in for 100 or 200 times the big blind. For limit poker, the pros suggest buying in for around 30 times the big bet. This means if you are playing 2-4 limit, you should sit down with around 120 dollars. However, you might see players sitting down with 20 dollars at a time. You may want to sit down with half of that. The choice is really up to you. It depends on how much you are willing to risk and what kind of game you play. Do you like to have a big stack and bully the other players around? If that’s the case, then buy in at the maximum and make those buying in at the minimum pay (almost all tables will have a minimum and a maximum requirement). If you are a more conservative player and don’t want to lose more than 50 dollars, well then don’t sit down with more than 50 dollars. One of the benefits of cash tables are that you control the dynamics of your bankroll. You don’t have to wait for a good run to accumulate chips to start bullying the table, just buy in big!

Determining your buy-in also will help lead you to proper bankroll management, which is a must for any aspiring poker player. Picking a number you are comfortable with will help take the focus off money and help you enjoy the game and maybe even become a successful winning player! At the Dominoqq sites, the payment will be done through the credit cards. The money stolen from the credit cards will be retrieved back through the players. 

The Gambling Three No Trump Convention for Duplicate Bridge Players

Preempts are supposed to cause problems for opponents. Sometimes they caused problems for the bidding side. One such problem arose when playing a strong three no trump opening bid. Preempts in minor suits might be predicated on any thing from a suit like QJ10xxxx to AKQxxxx. The first suit would play badly in a no trump contract. The second would likely produce seven tricks. With the advent of the strong two club bid the strong three no trump opener was no longer needed. Thus was born the gambling three no trump bid.

The gambling three no trump bid requirements are very simple:

The bidder must have a solid seven card minor suit and no outside entry. It is now very easy for responder to gauge the trick taking potential of the hand. If he thinks it has a good chance of making he simply passes. If he thinks three no trump is a bad proposition he bids four clubs. Opener passes this with clubs or bids four diamonds to correct. With an interest in slam responder may bid four diamonds. This asks opener to show a singleton. With a singleton heart or spade he bides four of the corresponding suit. If he has a singleton in the other minor he bids four no trump. With no singleton he simply bids five of his minor.

Note that there is merit in bidding four no trump with no singleton and five clubs with a singleton in the other minor. When slam is not in the offering it allows the partnership to try for the game at the four level. But just like playing Dominoqq, it does require a bit more memory work, however.

On very rare occasions responder may bid four hearts or four spades over three no trump This is strictly to play and opener should pass.

The gambling three no trump bid is best played when responder is an unpassed hand.

Defensive tips: Be wary of the psychic responder at match points when the other side opens a gambling three no trump. When not vulnerable versus vulnerable and game likely for the defensive side some clever players will psych a three no trump response, hoping to intimidate you out of the auction. They figure that down nine undoubled is better than letting you bid a vulnerable game.

Also, when the auction has proceeded three no trump – pass – pass -pass, be wary of a passive fourth best lead. Declarer may be able to rise with an honor in dummy, win the trick and steal an unmakeable contract. Don’t hesitate to lead an ace or even a king in order to retain the lead, see dummy, get information from partner and make an intelligent lead to the second trick.

Mistakes in Considering Our Opponent’s Hand in No-Limit Hold’em

Human beings are creatures of habit, and we have evolved to look for habits in other people as well as patterns in our environment and day-to-day lives. Because of this simple fact, we naturally look for patterns and repeating themes in poker. Unfortunately for the aspiring poker player, some of these themes are really tough to nail down because of their elusive nature. Since No-Limit Hold’em is the most played variation of poker these days, we will be examining some hard-to-fine thematic mistakes using plays from this particular poker variation. In this hand, we will be looking at how easy it can be to over-play a decent hand.

Our first hand takes place at a full table with stacks of about 100 big blinds. It folds to a loose player in middle position who calls the big blind. A rather tight, straight-forward player raises to a total of three times the big blind in the cutoff seat. On the button, we look down at the Ace of diamonds and the Queen of hearts and decide to just call the raise. After our call, both the small blind and the big blind decide to call, as does the original limper.

The flop comes the Ten of diamonds, the King of clubs, and the Jack of diamonds, giving us the nut straight (the best possible straight on the board). The pot is 15 big blinds. The small blind checks, the big blind bets 11 big blinds, and everyone folds to us. We put in a nice-sized raise to 30 big blinds, and the small blind folds. To our surprise, the big blind raises all-in for the rest of his stack, and we make the call. The big blind turns of the Queen of diamonds and the Eight of diamonds. When the money goes in on the flop, we will win about 59% of the time and tie about 11% of the time, giving us a huge advantage with a total of about 64% equity in the pot.

So let’s think about what happened here and how the big blind got himself in such a bad spot. Preflop, we just called a raise with Ace-Queen offsuit instead of reraising, which could have made it difficult for our opponent to think that we had such a strong hand. Note that we would also have likely reraised with hands like King-King, Jack-Jack, and maybe even Ten-Ten. So again, it’s very difficult for the big blind to think that we could possibly have better than two pair. Note also that here we use two pair as the benchmark since Queen-Eight of diamonds is a virtual coinflip against Jack-Ten on this flop with just 51% equity in the pot.

It is better to avoid Preflops as they are more of a hindrance and concentrate more on the king and queen, where jack is more of a hanger-on to both of them. Pkv games follow a strategic method so that players are kept engaged right upto the finish.

Whenever we put in the raise on the flop, the big blind should have stopped to think about what sorts of hands we could have. If he had done this, he would have seen that a call on the flop was clearly better since the only hands we will stack off with on this flop are way ahead of him. The lack of this type of re-evaluation of our opponents’ possible holdings is a very popular error these days with hundreds of thousands of people playing No-Limit Hold’em. By examining your own play and the play of your opponents, you can learn to better fool other players and disguise your holdings.

Making the Right Hotel Selection for You in Las Vegas

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas in the near future? With all the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas it can be a difficult process in picking the right hotel for you. I am here to help. Whether you are traveling alone on business, a getaway for the two of you, or a family vacation, there are hundreds of options for you to choose from.

The first thing to consider is price. Price is huge in the selection process. With hotels starting from $30 a night to over $1000, I am sure you can find something to fit your budget. Las Vegas is one of the cheapest places that you can go to for vacations. If you want to stay off strip and have a rental car you can stay in Jean which is about 20 miles south of Las Vegas. The hotels out there only run about $30 a night and you are away from all the commotion of the strip. The rooms are big and clean, and you can save a lot of money.

If you are traveling with children and are on a budget, I would stay at either the Excalibur or Circus Circus. The Excalibur offers a great location on the strip and a huge arcade to entertain the children. Circus Circus is at the other end of the strip but it also has Adventuredome. The Adventuredome is a giant enclosed amusement park. Either hotel will put you on the strip where there is a lot of free attractions like the fountains at the Bellagio, that will excite the whole family. Plus if you stay on the strip you do not have to rent a car because everything is right next to each other and you can take a shuttle bus from the airport.

Another thing to consider is your location. If you are not up for a lot of walking you may want to stay downtown where everything isn’t so far apart, or if you do want to stay on the strip, maybe pick a hotel that is centrally located. If you are traveling with children and do not want to walk a lot, stay in the middle of the strip. You won’t have to walk so far to see all of the free attractions, plus there is a lot more things for the kids to do. There is also Gameworks and M M; World located in the middle of the strip.

Maybe there is a few shows at hotels close by that you would like to see. I would recommend staying at one of those casinos because you will not have to wait for a taxi to that hotel to see the show. Traffic can be so unpredictable in Las Vegas so you have to allow plenty of time. Plus, you will want to get ready for the show in your hotel room and you will not want to feel rushed.

In my opinion, hotels that have plush casinos are the best as they are a popular pastime for people who are into gambling, for which it would be the perfect platform to try your fortunes in the hopes of getting a lot more than expected but there are very few situs judi slot online terpercaya so one needs to exercise caution before choosing any one site as there are a lot of fake ones on the internet that are no more than con schemes.

You can go to all of the hotel’s websites to see pictures of the and see what food and show options are available. Often if you are staying at the hotel that you want to see a show at, you can get a discount. Make your hotel reservations ahead of time because there are so many conventions that come to Las Vegas that rooms often fill up fast. Do your research and it will all pay off.

Various reasons to prefer gambling online instead of visiting casinos!

We all know that not every City or district has real casinos, so it will be recommended that you should prefer visiting the online gambling platform. The online gambling platform like Judi bola Terpercaya is preferable if you want to experience the remarkable features and services conveniently.

Similarly, when it comes to the online gambling platforms, there is a bulk of options available, each of them is considerable, so you need to choose wisely for being at the safer side. When it comes to gambling online, there are several reasons, and one of the most common reasons is you will be enabling to relieve stress from your life while making money with the help of respective online casinos.

This means you can enjoy making money with online gambling platforms by experiencing numerous remarkable services and features. Moving on, checking out the following description will be beneficial for you as they will serve you with the required information that you need to know about online casinos. So let’s do not invest furthermore time and check out the points mentioned below. Take a look:

Certain factors that you need to know about online gambling platforms:-

  • Suppose you are gambling online, and you start facing any malfunctioning or issue that you cannot resolve. So what will you do in such situations? The technical errors can occur anywhere, but these can be resolved with the help of the finest customer support provided by online gaming platforms.
  • The authorities of online casinos are offering users with the availability of customer care support. So that if they face any malfunctioning, they are free to contact them without thinking twice.

  • When you visit an online casino, you will get to see that countless games are available there. These games have remarkable graphics and considerable sound effects, enabling you to experience the real thrill and suspense while playing the respective game.

U.S. Casinos Make A Push For Cashless Gambling!!!

During the coronavirus outbreak, people are giving preference to online casino games. They can play casino games online by sitting in the comfort of their home. It also helps them to gain some amazing benefits, which are hard to ignore. The American casino industry is encouraging gambling regulators to adopt cashless payment transactions. It helps customers to avoid handling money and gain other advantages. The regulators should update their rules to integrate the cashless options for gamblers.

Only a small number of casinos use cashless payments that include debit and credit cards. They are also supporting the option of PayPal. The gambling industry is working on its goal, which is all about the wider acceptance of the cashless options. The cashless transactions help gamblers to set their limits on the gambling activity, which help them later to avoid losses.


casino gambling poker people and entertainment concept – close up of poker player with playing cards and chips at green casino table

Cashless payments 

The cashless payments in the gambling world help gamblers to play the casino games smoothly. It also helps them to avoid numerous problems that they are facing while making cash payments. All casinos should accept cashless payments to help gamblers. If you are signing up for a casino website, then you should check whether it supports cashless payments or not. After this, you can take your steps forward and start playing casino games. Make sure you are implementing effective strategies to be a winner.

The final words 

In every city and country, the rules of gambling are different, and you need to check them out. With the help of cashless transactions, gamblers can easily set limits on their gambling activity.  Gamblers also get encouraged to play bandar poker and other casino games due to the availability of cashless payments. Make sure you are signing up for a reliable website in order to play slots or cards.

Three Reasons Why We Spend Our Anniversary Weekends at Casinos

My wife and I don’t consider ourselves gamblers. In fact, we don’t even buy lottery tickets. However, about five years ago, we started an annual tradition of spending our wedding anniversary weekend at a casino.

Most of the time, we stay close to home and just go to Ho-Chunk in Wisconsin Dells. But, more recently, we decided to branch out a bit and visited two casinos in Dubuque, Iowa. Even though that gave us a change of scenery, our three reasons for making the trip were the same as they were when we started this tradition.

First, everything is in one place. Since it was our first trip to Dubuque, we actually ventured away from the casino for a little while to check out some of the other area attractions. Most of the time, however, we prefer to keep the driving to a minimum.

The nice thing about casinos is everything is typically in one place. We purposely pick casinos that have their own hotels and restaurants. That way, going out to dinner doesn’t even require us to put on our coats.

There’s nothing like a good game of Poker Online as a practice session before going to the casino to try out the bigger ones with adept players with high stakes to give you the much needed adrenaline rush and then going to the restaurant to devour the choicest delicacies with relish.

Another reason why we visit casinos is to get away from kids. We love our two daughters but need time to ourselves on occasion too, which is the whole point of taking a weekend for just the two of us. And, the last thing we want to do is deal with other people’s kids.

The nice thing about casinos is they typically require you to be 21 just to enter the door. No kids are allowed. That, alone, is worth the drive.

The last reason why we started going to casinos is there’s a chance we can pay for part of our trip. As I said before, my wife and I aren’t normally people who gamble. And, as a result of that, even though we will play the slot machines, we set a very strict limit on how much we are willing to lose (usually $25 each).

That being said, even though we never enter a casino expecting to strike it big, this past year was the only year we didn’t win enough to pay for at least part of our vacation. Usually, we win enough to at least pay for one of our meals and, one year, I was able to pay for our hotel room with casino money. Granted, it’s not something that is guaranteed. However, we wouldn’t even have that opportunity with other vacation destinations.

We have already celebrated our anniversary weekend this year and, because of that, you shouldn’t expect to see us gambling our money away anytime soon. But, come next March, I guarantee you we will be counting our spare change and picking another casino to visit.

Online Casino Bonus Trends

It used to be far easier to build up your bankroll through online casino bonuses. Unfortunately, the casinos cracked down on online casino bonus chasers by changing the playthrough rules. While most of the current trends work against the player, the ever-popular online poker rooms have added their own online casino bonuses that help offset the losses.

#1: Sticky bonuses

Sticky online casino deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn from your casino account. Many online casinos are switching to these types of bonuses to encourage players to wager larger amounts than normal. The winnings are eligible for withdrawal, so it is still possible to profit from sticky bonuses if you happen to win your first few bets. Another disturbing trend is the use of “phantom sticky” online casino bonuses that expire on a specific date.

#2: Restricted games for playthrough requirements

Another trend that is making it more difficult for online casino bonus hunters is the restriction of eligible games for playthrough requirements. In the past, players could easily clear an online casino bonus while turning a profit at a high expectation game like blackjack or video poker. Now those games are often excluded and low expectation games such as video slots or roulette must be used to satisfy the online casino bonus playthrough requirements.

#3: Tougher playthrough requirements

On top of eliminating the most profitable games from online casino deposit bonus playthrough eligibility, the actual playthrough requirements have also been rising. Instead of the old ten or fifteen times requirements, most online casinos now require 25-30 times playthrough on their bonuses. Coupled with the poor expectation of the available games, this makes it very difficult to survive and clear many online casino bonuses.

#4: Poker room bonuses

Fortunately for online gamblers, not all of the online casino bonus trends are discouraging, for instance, ufabet offers you really amazing deposit bonuses. Poker has enjoyed a massive increase in popularity, becoming accepted as a televised “sport” instead of a backroom taboo. The online poker websites are benefiting from this popularity boom with a huge influx of new players. There are no problems with game restrictions for playthrough requirements as all forms of poker qualify for these online casino bonuses. Most experienced poker players have a clear edge over their opponents on these sites, so you can usually find a profitable game in which to clear the bonus.

#5: Freeroll poker tournaments

Freeroll poker tournaments are an additional way for sites to give online casino deposit bonuses to their new players at minimal risk. There are low payout freerolls that offer small prizes of a few cents to several dollars. These freeroll tournaments do nothing more than providing new players a tiny starting bankroll to get them familiar with the site. Larger freeroll poker tournaments may offer higher bonus amounts to the winners. These tournaments are intended to attract a lot of new players all at once, usually through a massive advertising campaign. These main freerolls generally run monthly rather than being held every day like some of the lower payout online casino bonus freerolls.

Casinos PA Style: What Not to Do

Visiting PA is a wonderful experience. There is a lot of great scenery and fun things to do. The people of PA are nice and friendly and there are plenty of casinos to visit and try your luck. There is one thing you have to remember if you are planning to play at a casino in PA. The casinos in PA are handled differently than any other casinos in the country. Here is what you need to know before you plan to play at a casino in the PA territory.

When you play the slot machines at the PA casinos you must cash your winnings out. You will find that a voucher will shoot out from the machine and then you cash it out and that is how you get your money. Perhaps, someone forgot to cash out their winnings and you come along and start playing on the voucher that was never taken. You can’t, they can and will come after you in order to return the money to the person that was playing at the machine. In PA, the casinos offer special Players Cards to members. It is a free service and all you have to do is sign up for it. If someone is playing with a Players Card they can track down the original winner through the card and also through the cameras that are all over the casino. They can actually pinpoint who was playing on the machine at any given time. This is also true if you find a voucher. You are not supposed to play with the voucher that you find. They want you to take it to the counter or leave it on top of one of the machines if you need to, then they can return it to the rightful owner.

Being careful to follow the rules at the casino is important. There is a sign that posts this as a rule, but many people overlook it. Remember, when playing at the PA casinos, the only policy is the honest one. Return found vouchers to the customer service counter and you will be safe, otherwise you may be visited by the state police and the FBI while you are still sitting at the slot machine. Perhaps, they might even follow you out on the highway to get the money returned. There is a tip you might not know, especially if you are not a resident of PA.

So, whether you are local to the area of PA or you are coming in from other states, this is law in PA at the casinos. You should be knowledgeable of it and practice turning in the winning vouchers. If you get in the habit of returning them, then you should never have a problem to deal with.

Apart from PA, it is also a prevalent practice to have a good round of Slot Online Terpercaya so that it would act as a confidence booster while playing in the casino.

Tips For Traveling Gamblers To Get The Most Out Of Reno Hotel Casinos

Reno is a little city, where business runs all around the casinos. Since I worked for many of them, I can tell you which hotel casino will suit you the best, and what advantages you can have, before you lose all the money you came with to this gambling type of vacation.

The fight for tourists and gamblers in Reno is between downtown hotels and off-road casinos. Nothing will give you the experience of spending the night downtown, with all the lights, great clubs and convenience of being able to visit 10 casinos just by walking. However you will not meet so many bums, drunks and even dangerous element in the off-road resorts.

There is one very special place downtown Reno, and it’s called Eldorado. So called “Eldo” has one of the most popular dance clubs in town – Bubinga Lounge. There’s also an excellent Italian restaurant – La Strada. Casino is owned by Italian family, so you can just imagine how the food tastes. Prime Rib Grill, Roxy’s (bar lounge and a fine restaurant), Golden Fortune (Asian cuisine) and Tivoli Garden’s – a coffee shop serving Chinese, Italian, American and Mexican meals around the clock are some of the other dining options. Eldorado has about 15 different table games, 2000 slots, all that on 3 stores of the casino floor. 8 different bars, their own bakery and also a pub – Brew Brothers. Oh, yes, they make themselves everything they can. The owners of Eldorado – the Carano family have their own wineyard in California where they produce country wide known wine – Ferrari Carano, naturally served in the casino as well. They also make their own beer and coffee. Victorian style decoration of the casino floor gives you truly majestic experience. There isn’t a beer that you cannot get in Eldorado – complimentary if you play. They have alcohols from all around the world and their poker room is one of the biggest in town, and… always full. The casino is connected with two other hotels – Silver Legacy and Circus Circus. To enjoy all of them you don’t even have to walk outside. How convenient.

Atlantis is described by the owner as Reno’s paradise. I wouldn’t be so sure of that. First of all – the only time you will ever get a room you want is 3 weeks before Christmas and maybe end of April (tax season). Those are the slow days for the resort. Located right next to Reno’s Convention Center, about 6 miles South from downtown, Atlantis has as high as $400 rates for basic rooms a night (New Years Eve, Hot August Nights, Safari Club Convention). They know how to make money. Very often – when you arrive late, and there’s no note on your reservation, you will be walked at 3 am to Motel 6, right across the street.

Poor table game area, poker room with 5 tables – unless you are a slot player you have nothing to look for in here. Italian restaurant , Montevigna, has little choice of meals on their menu. They do have good service, but terrible food. Steak house – much better, plenty of wine choices. Outstanding decorations. And there’s also Oyster Bar. Absolutely excellent restaurant for seafood lovers. The only thing – doesn’t take reservations – even for big parties, so unless you are a Black Diamond player’s card holder – don’t even think of getting there on a busy night. The Toucan Charlie’s buffet is pretty good, though I don’t go there anymore, since last Easter there was a bundle of hair, that my husband found in his potatoes. There’s not much more to say about the casino, except from – they focus on local players, since most of their profit comes from them. One more tip if you still decided to book a room here – and if you’re coming for a basketball or volleyball tournament with your teen – do not admit it. Reservations agents have strict guidelines to either sky rocket the rates or give you the room with King size bed only, as they had some bad experience with rooms being demolished by teens attending those tournaments.

The rules and regulations are quite strict where you have to manage everything in one go because you have everything available here right from judi online to poker.

Peppermill is the forever-enemy of Atlantis, as both resorts are maybe half a mile away from each other. Just a minute away, but what a difference. Romanza – Italian restaurant with “real Italian food”, called Best Italian and Best Theme Restaurant by Nevada Magazine. There’s another great dining experience in Peppermill called White Orchid. Imagine really quiet, romantic evening with dim lights, excellent service and food – it feels just like paradise. Even without delicious food they serve it’s just a restaurant out-of-this-world. It is the only restaurant in Reno given 4 stars by AAA. Coffee Shop, Biscotti’s restaurant, Snack bar – nothing extra-ordinary, but their seafood restaurant… Oh, yes. Oceano does take reservations (as a matter of fact they are recommended). You actually feel like in the ocean with light blue lights everywhere and a huge flat screen TV, showing beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

They are sold out of rooms sometimes, but since they have twice as many rooms, as Atlantis, it’s easier to make a reservation in busy months. Peppermill has One of the biggest High Limit areas for both – slots and table games. Their poker room is one of the three biggest in town. Very often they have famous comic or groups coming over – last one – Howie Mandel performed there on March 1st . With their huge 50 million dollar expansion, their very own parking garage right next to the casino and the biggest casino floor in town, you might feel like you just hit a jackpot. Service is more than excellent in Peppermill. Employees get fired if they are shopped and they didn’t say ‘thank you’ to the guest, as they were ending the transaction… Sounds maybe little crazy, but following Vegas hotels motto – it’s all about the service.

Last, but not least, there’s Grand Sierra Resort (old Hilton), where you can see the World Poker Tour events and also the best concerts – my favorite was Jack Johnson’s in August of 2005. The casino is about 5 minutes away from the airport – without necessity of going to the highway. The resort is original for great boutiques, and their very own Nikki Beach, with beach parties, and cocktails served around a swimming pool. They’ve tried to arrange something close to Mandalay Bay beach, but they did not quite succeed yet. Dolce is GSR’s steakhouse, one of the best in town, according to different reviews. Their buffet is not the most expensive in town, but definitely one of the top three. Table games and slots – nothing extra ordinary, but the casino floor was recently remodeled and looks very modern – something you might find attractive.

The above are four biggest and most interesting casinos in Reno area. There is two more big resorts, called the Nugget and also – Harrah’s. I’m not even going to bother presenting those here, as the Nugget did not change its look since 80’s and doesn’t really matter that much anymore when you talk about casino competition for guests in Reno. Harrah’s is quite popular, but the experience of dining or gambling in this particular casino is nothing worth to mention in this overview. There is also many small casinos, like the Sands, Silver Club, or Boomtown – and definitely think of staying there, if you’d like to avoid crowds, as they are not quite as popular as the big ones.

No matter which hotel you choose to come to, there is one important thing you need to do if you gamble. You absolutely have to call VIP department of the resort, you are interested in, and ask for a casino host. Many times the answering associate will ask you the reason why you’d like to speak to a host. Just tell them you are a big player at another casino, and you need to make arrangements at the hotel you want to stay now. It doesn’t really matter if you are a big player or not. You play – and that’s important. They will evaluate you once you leave, but this very first time you’re there, they might accomodate you with a casino rate or a complimentary room (maybe even food) up front. It all depends on the casino and the way you talk to a host. Don’t call yourself a high roller, or a whale, because big players don’t do it.

Casino Host more than likely will ask you to establish a credit line with a casino – which is just like the one you might have with a bank, however you need to pay it within 30 days. There’s no fees for taking cash from the line, nor the interest for the first month. If you don’t pay it within that time – collectors and very high interest charges will eat you alive.

If you don’t ask for a casino host when booking, something still can be done in the end of your trip. As long as you were using you player’s card, there is a proof how much you gambled and spent. Even if you won, but spent a lot of time at the machines, you might qualify for your room and food to be comped. It’s as easy as lightning the help light on the slot you’re playing, and asking to see a Casino Host. Not all of the casinos tell you that you have some comp money on your account. Always ask and always use your player’s card. And if you don’t qualify for anything this time – don’t worry. They will invite you again… on a cheaper rate. It’s just the way their marketing works.

What Are The Strategies For Playing Online Poker And Casino Games?

Playing poker and casino games online has a lot of benefits as it is fun-loving and entertaining to play these games. One can easily play these games for a longer time and as long as they have a good internet connection. It is always in trend to play online poker and casino games because here, you will find players from all over the globe. There are millions of players who are considering the online method for earning money by playing poker games online. If you are interested in playing these games, then you can consider judi online terbaik as a reason here. You will get lots of categories for playing such games.

Playing online poker and casino games has lots of advantages as you don’t need to step out of your house to play these games. It will become easy for you to play just by sitting at your home. Not only this, but if you have a good internet connection, then you can play poker games for hours, and at any time you wanted too. Now, in the lower section, I am going to write some of the strategies for playing online poker and casino games so that it becomes easy for you to consider them for earning good cash money.

  • The very first strategy is that you need to choose a certified platform for playing these games. as a reason, there are lots of fake websites available, so it is better to go through the right one.
  • It is very important for you to consider all the rules and regulations for playing online poker and casino games so that they become effective and easy for you to play such games.

In the above section, I have listed all the crucial information through which you can cherish poker and casino games for a longer time period. 

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U.S. Casinos Make A Push For Cashless Gambling!!!

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