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Blackjack Stories Funny and Touching Stories About Playing Blackjack

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My buddy and I were in Las Vegas celebrating his twenty-fifth birthday and had been hitting the casino bars pretty hard. We ended up at Circus Circus at about one in the morning and started playing Blackjack. The dealer couldn’t hit anything and everyone at the table was winning and having a good time. The drink service got progressively faster as people continued winning and the waitress had just delivered what was probably my fifth or sixth beer when I won a big double down bet. I got so excited that I knocked my beer over and then made it worse by trying to pick it up and dropping it again. And then again.

Pretty much the entire beer had now spilled all over the table and the cards actually started floating around. I think the pit boss was pretty mad, but I was too hammered to be embarrassed and simply leaned back, ordered another beer from the waitress, watched while they cleaned up the table, and continued playing. I eventually  in a drunken stupor – lost back everything I had won, which I’m sure is why they let me keep playing.

I was playing Blackjack at the El Dorado in Reno one night and sat next to an elderly lady who looked very lonely, was losing big and drinking heavily. Since I can’t keep my nose out of other people’s business, I leaned over and whispered politely, “Do you really think you should be drinking so much at your age?” She simply looked at me and said, “I’d rather be drinking so much at your age.” It sort of seemed to say it all.

I was in Atlantic City at Trump’s place, playing Blackjack at a full $10 table. One of the players was pretty obnoxious and abusive to the dealer and we were all getting pretty sick of him. Then, on one hand, he drew two small cards, took a hit and got a two, took another hit, and got an ace. This gave him 20, but I guess he got confused getting so many hits and counted the ace as a one, thinking he only had ten and called for another hit. The dealer politely asked him again, pointing out that he had a 20 showing.

The jerk shouted “Don’t tell me how to play, I know how to count. Just do what I said and deal with the cards.” He then drew a five for a soft 15, took another hit for a seven and busted. Everyone else at the table had stood and the dealer then proceeded to bust. The guy on my right whooped and yelled “Yes! Everybody wins! Except of course for the guy who hit a 20 ” I thought the dealer was going to choke trying to hold back a laugh.

Hit Vegas with my new boyfriend one weekend and found out he’d never played Blackjack before. So I stood behind him at the table to coach him. About the third or fourth hand, he was dealt a 17 and asked me what to do. I said you always stand on 17. So he stood up. I think I spit out my drink laughing so hard. We’re still together

I saw the most incredible thing at the MGM Grand. I was looking on at a $50 minimum bet Blackjack table and watched a sort of scruffy-looking guy betting what must have been five $100 chips on each hand. I stood there about 15 or 20 minutes and watched him lose hand after hand after hand. It was an incredible streak of bad luck, plus he wasn’t playing very well. I didn’t keep track but he must have lost six or seven thousand dollars just while I was watching. Finally, his chips ran out and I thought he’d probably get up and slink away. But he just leaned back, put his hand in his pocket, and pulled out a thick wad of $100 bills, tossed them on the table and said “chips”. He then continued to bet $500 per hand as if nothing happened. I couldn’t watch any longer and had to walk away.

It Only Happens Once

True story. I was playing at Slots O Fun in Las Vegas, which is a pretty low-class joint, right next to Circus Circus. But it does have low limit Blackjack, which is its main attraction as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure they get all the new dealers here who can’t get a job anywhere else. Anyway, on one hand, almost everyone stands, and the dealer busts, so he begins paying everyone off. He pays off the first two or three people and then the pit boss taps him on the shoulder and starts talking to him about something or another. In the meantime, everyone picks up their winnings. When the dealer turns around again, he looks a bit confused, like he doesn’t remember where he left off, so he started at the beginning and paid everyone a second time. We’re all dying and hoping everyone else can keep their mouths shut, which fortunately they did. Probably were hoping they’d be the next one to get paid twice.

William Greco is a feminist trying to encourage women to pursue their dreams in casino industry with his creative and powerful writings.