Online Casino Bonus Trends

It used to be far easier to build up your bankroll through online casino bonuses. Unfortunately, the casinos cracked down on online casino bonus chasers by changing the playthrough rules. While most of the current trends work against the player, the ever-popular online poker rooms have added their own online casino bonuses that help offset the losses.

#1: Sticky bonuses

Sticky online casino deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn from your casino account. Many online casinos are switching to these types of bonuses to encourage players to wager larger amounts than normal. The winnings are eligible for withdrawal, so it is still possible to profit from sticky bonuses if you happen to win your first few bets. Another disturbing trend is the use of “phantom sticky” online casino bonuses that expire on a specific date.

#2: Restricted games for playthrough requirements

Another trend that is making it more difficult for online casino bonus hunters is the restriction of eligible games for playthrough requirements. In the past, players could easily clear an online casino bonus while turning a profit at a high expectation game like blackjack or video poker. Now those games are often excluded and low expectation games such as video slots or roulette must be used to satisfy the online casino bonus playthrough requirements.

#3: Tougher playthrough requirements

On top of eliminating the most profitable games from online casino deposit bonus playthrough eligibility, the actual playthrough requirements have also been rising. Instead of the old ten or fifteen times requirements, most online casinos now require 25-30 times playthrough on their bonuses. Coupled with the poor expectation of the available games, this makes it very difficult to survive and clear many online casino bonuses.

#4: Poker room bonuses

Fortunately for online gamblers, not all of the online casino bonus trends are discouraging, for instance, ufabet offers you really amazing deposit bonuses. Poker has enjoyed a massive increase in popularity, becoming accepted as a televised “sport” instead of a backroom taboo. The online poker websites are benefiting from this popularity boom with a huge influx of new players. There are no problems with game restrictions for playthrough requirements as all forms of poker qualify for these online casino bonuses. Most experienced poker players have a clear edge over their opponents on these sites, so you can usually find a profitable game in which to clear the bonus.

#5: Freeroll poker tournaments

Freeroll poker tournaments are an additional way for sites to give online casino deposit bonuses to their new players at minimal risk. There are low payout freerolls that offer small prizes of a few cents to several dollars. These freeroll tournaments do nothing more than providing new players a tiny starting bankroll to get them familiar with the site. Larger freeroll poker tournaments may offer higher bonus amounts to the winners. These tournaments are intended to attract a lot of new players all at once, usually through a massive advertising campaign. These main freerolls generally run monthly rather than being held every day like some of the lower payout online casino bonus freerolls.

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