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Craps are a lot easy to pick up than most individuals accept. The basic principle is straightforward: you’re gambling on the conclusion of a two-dice rolling. The only feature that helps the action complicated is the variety of bets available. The majority of these wagers are simple, but the sheer number of them makes the […]

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A Bit about Baccarat

The game of Baccarat derives from an Italian game called Baccara, and it was introduced in France sometime towards the end of the 15th century. It immediately became a favorite of the French nobility. It is undoubtedly due to this background that baccarat has evolved in modern times to be considered a game of the “elite” or high-rollers. In casinos it is generally played in a separate room or in a roped off section, and the players are given special VIP treatment. The minimum bets are usually set at high levels by the house which is why it is considered a game for “high-rollers”. Of course, online baccarat can be played by anyone and minimum bets can be found as low as ten dollars. 

 In Baccarat face cards count as “0”, Ace is one, and all other cards count at their face value. However, when adding up points, if the hand value is two digits, the first digit is dropped. For example: an 8 and 5 has a value of 3, not 13. 

 Only two hands are dealt: one to the “banker” and one to the “player”. However, all participants at the table may bet on either of these hands. Each hand is dealt two cards to begin with. If the hand count with these two cards is less than eight or nine, the player may “stand” or draw one more card. The player must stand on six or seven, and he must draw on four or less. The hand closest to the count of nine (without overreaching it) wins. 

 Standard baccarat is played with up to six decks of cards. But there is also a “Mini-Baccarat” which is very popular and is played with only one deck of cards. Mini-Baccarat is essentially the same game. It is played at a smaller table and the pace is usually faster. Also betting minimums and maximums are generally lower which is why Mini-Baccarat is so popular. 

 How to Win at Baccarat There is no strategy to Baccarat. In that respect it is not like blackjack at all. There is no card counting or shuffle tracking. It is just a matter of betting on the hand with the total nearest to nine and then waiting to see what the third card drawn will do. But as what they always say, practice makes perfect. So if you want to practice playing Baccarat, you can check some of the reliable casino sites such as Judi Bola Online to help you out.

 House advantages in Baccarat are traditionally low which is why players generally feel that they have good chances of winning. However, there are players who will say that the house makes millions and not many participants come out winning. 

 Baccarat players claim that the game is simple and fast, but when reading about it, it sounds complicated and confusing. The best way to learn Baccarat is to find one on line which offers free games. It is a great chance to learn the rules and find out if Baccarat appeals to you.

Information About Poker Hands and Elementary Tips in Poker

The information is provided by Bandar bola terpercaya About Poker Hands and Elementary Tips in Poker. A standard poker card game is played with a 52-card pack with typical poker cards made up of 4 suits that have 13 different playing cards each one and so there exists actually two millions of possible poker hands to be made. So besides the fun of it once treated gravely poker game goes with such a sort of things just as theory of gameplay, probability, and also psychology. A good result in poker hands gameplay is dependent on some extent on the very gamer, the more eagerly and thus seriously this individual considers the game the better chances he has to succeed.

From the very beginning of the 1900s poker game has been divided into a multitude of various types yet fundamental poker hands rules continue to be the same. The poker hand begins with participants making wagers round the table and cards distributed face-down to every player after which they are given playing cards over again and either add another bet on their poker hands or break free from the contest.

After some rounds, the gamers remaining in the game show their poker cards, and then a person with the winning hand is awarded the winning prize. Knowing poker hands odds can be a powerful tool when it comes to designing one’s strategy, a lesser likelihood of a certain hand to be composed the more actually this hand is beneficial. The higher place of a given combination of playing cards within the poker hands ranking the less the actual chances that one has for being assembled throughout the round of poker. The hands rank shows the precise position of a particular hand among all other card combinations, thus pointing the hands it defeats as well as the other way round.

 All the players wish to end up with the best poker hands feasible, especially with Royal Flush, the daddy among other hands, all 5 cards with the equal suit or classification, Ten through an Ace or perhaps Straight Flush hand which includes 5 playing cards in succession, all of the similar suits. Quads hand isn’t so unique and actually comprises of four standard cards of an equal index and one side card or a kicker. In a Full House or a Boat, there are three poker cards of the identical index and a pair of another type of index – such as three aces plus a couple of eights, in case of a pair of identical hands the denomination of three face cards decide on which hand is better.

The Flush hand develops when a player possesses 5 not in the rank sequence poker cards of the identical suit or classification, in case of a tie the participant presenting the best-ranked playing card is awarded. In the event of Straight hand, there are five playing cards of different suits in an uninterrupted sequence and if two or more poker players have this combination the higher sequence succeeds the pot.

 If a hand is assembled of three different cards of the same nomination it’s named Three of a Kind hand or Trips. Two Pairs are made up of 2 poker cards of a matching denomination with another 2 playing cards with the equivalent value and also a side card of third numbers. A Pair card combination arrives whenever a poker player owns 1 set of 2 similar denomination poker cards altogether with other 3 unequal playing cards. The last poker combination amongst winning poker hands definitely is High Card or simply No Pair combination – a hand with just one poker card of the maximum index.

Informative Play Roulette For Free Directions

Keep reading in case you`re interested in the perplexity of play roulette free! We give a large amount of exciting things in the following text! Webroulette is a popular casino game. The vegasroulette wheel is among the key parts to playing the casino game, next to the ruleta table. It is also the fuel which goes on powering the game. The wheels are usually about 3 ft in diameter, and nearly 100 pounds. There`re a lot of sorts in the market nowadays, however this game wheel is the most common among all of the casinos and betting platforms like ufa

The onlineroulette game wheel is made of a fixed thirty two-inch basin containing a wheel head that is an exactly balanced spinning tweney four-inch center part. The wheel head has divided wheel-pockets identifying every one of the numbers. When the game ball is turned around the basin, it circles the wheel head twice before dropping in one of the pockets, making the prize winning digit. There are thirty-seven slots in a European style roulettewheel wheel as apposed to thirty eight in a United States roulettegame because of the extra double-zero.

The ruleta game-wheel is frequently easily misunderstood when it has to do with the game-wheels design. Your initial sight of the wheel might inform you that the figures are placed randomly, though that isn`t so. The numbers are strategically put down to ensure a particular mathematical equilibrium; the high numbers and low as well as the odd & even are alternately placed as far as is possible. Consequently, there is then number 1 across of the number 2 and 3 opposite to the number 4, etc.. The pocket colors also are arranged according to a particular order; they are spread out so that one color is no matter what disconnected by a different color. Because zero holds its individual effect on the rouletteonline game, it also owns its individual color – the color green. The digits plus colors placed on the game-wheel are the same as the ones used upon the game-table, to make relating one another easier; as a result, turning the game of webrouletta a little less complex.

The netroulette wheel gives a bit more than identifying the winning figure; it is in addition a source of amusement to the bettors. I find it interesting to observe as well as to listen when the game-ball moves around and waiting in anticipation in order to observe if I have made the right gamble. Mind you, the rotation of the ball may certainly cause dizziness, especially when you have had a few drinks. Nonetheless, virtualroulette could be an exciting game to play; the colorful design as well as the appealing game-wheel keeps drawing bettors on a daily basis.If you`re in search for the basics of roullette, this site has everything. It will take you all the way from stepping up to the table, up to wagering, until taking your cash. 

rouletta is not an extremely hard game to play once you have learnt the laws. On top of that all you have to know is the arrangement of the game table plus where to decide the gambles and then you`re prepared to play. At the time I first started playing, I was fairly astonished at how fast I understood the casino-game. The purpose of roulettegame is to bet on the number in which the game ball is going to land. With a lot of options nowadays, you can play roullette at a casino or on the web. Both are played the same, apart from in the single time the dealer does everything for you. Understanding how to play netroulette might differ depending on what form is interesting to you. The routine however, is still identical.

Here are the 3 easy as can be steps of the casino game:

  • The number one thing you have to perform when you want to participate in the casino game is exchange your chips, or cash if that is the case, into roulettegame casino chips (that is automatically completed for you when wagering on the web). Once you`ve acquired your chips you`re prepared to make a bet. 
  • After the gambles are placed, the dealer turns the wheel in the clockwise direction and at the same time rotating the game-ball the other way. The game ball spins around a number of times previous to rolling into one of the pockets. Bettors are still able to make wagers as the game-ball is rolling until the dealer says `no more bets`. Most on-line euroroulette casino-games won`t allow you to place a gamble once the game wheel has been turned, though you might be able to come across a website that does.

  • When the ball comes to a stop into one of the numbered slots (not a 0), the dealer marks the digit upon the game table and the gamblers who bet on that particular figure are rewarded while the others lose their cash.

Blackjack Counting Suspicious Cards

If you want to be a card counter in Blackjack, you will need to know how casinos figure out card counters and learn all about the dynamics of this game, here, slot online can help you. It is not illegal to play with the perfect Blackjack strategy. Even counting cards is not even illegal. However, casinos have the right to remove the player from the game, including the card-counting gamers. The trick here is to hide from your casino staff who may notice your tactics.

The worst thing about catching a card is that the casino owner is letting you play at the blackjack casino. Indeed, there is a database of suspicious card counters covering the country in which they are located. 

Let’s take a look at how the dealers, casino employees, bosses, safety, and game managers get their card counter.

 Card counting is, of course, the best way to get caught by the casino management is to change your bets after a lot of small cards have been dealt with. If small cards are dealt with, you are likely to see the 10s and 11s. If you start betting 5-10 times more than your normal odds then you will be in the casino account as a card counter. The card counters make a profit when the bets are in their favor and by using this advantage and increasing their bets.

In most casinos, there is a system that automatically scans cards distributed from Blackjack shoes. So casinos do their own card counting. If you are a Blackjack player who makes small bets on a regular basis and is constantly making big bets on a hot basis, you will probably be asked to leave the casino for a short period of time or to translate it into a slotted game,

Casinos are nowadays; face recognition programs are used under the supervision of camera equipment to monitor famous card counters. When you enter this casino, your face will be compared to the faces of the wider cheat database. If you match any of these, you will probably be asked to leave the casino.

Face recognition; It is not the last wonder of the technology that was found to capture card counters. Smart blackjack stamps are a set of smart bets that automatically follow your latest technology bets against card counting.

You may be the best cardholder in the world, but if you do not do small maneuvers, you will always be caught. Counting cards is more than keeping track of certain cards and keeping counting. One aspect of the card counting tactic is keeping the count in your mind as it is confused with the casino environment. This is not as easy as it sounds, because an ordinary gambler will want to talk with you or the dealer from time to time. Anything that can distract you may cause you to forget the count, and you may have to walk and chew gum.

Some card counters may want to do things you can see in movies: they can team up with other card counters to develop card counting techniques to distract the casino management.

Every member of the team has a mission from the back-spotter to the spotter to the gorilla, and they all have a role. If one or two people are watching the table while the shoes are hot and the table is making big bets on hot, it’s a team game. But the problem is experienced when giving a signal. There’s hardly a way to send a good signal that can attract attention.

Being seen with the same people in different casinos is also a “good” way to get caught up in a casino team. Blackjack grouping can work well for a while, but you probably finish the game with a broken finger, just as Kevin Spacey plays MIT Blackjack.

How does Casinolar Blackjack Card cope with the counters?

Casinos have many ways to deal with blackjack card counters. As I mentioned before, the obvious thing is: asking these people to leave the casino or stop playing Blackjack. However, if you are counting cards, you can use less extreme methods instead of Caspian substitutes.

One of these methods is to distract you by providing the croupier with your head. Another tactic is that another casino employee sends you your mistake to chat with you. Some casinos are very aggressive because their laws pass this situation. So if you are counting on a card, you should wait for a visit to every casino management or security. Your ear will tell you a few things when they arrive.

The most common method used to deal with card counters is to increase the number of decks on the Blackjack paul. Casinos have 1 to 8 decks, and 4-6 decks are used more commonly than 1 or 8 decks.

Another method is to mix decks more often. Casinos often have decks, or there may be policies like scrambling when the card count reaches a certain point. But to frequent means to spend a few hours an hour. Since most of the players on the Blackjack table are not card counters (which are disadvantageous for this reason), a few hands mean less profit for the casino. Some casinos arrange for 6 people instead of the classic 7 seats. Although this is a reduction of approximately 1.5% for the dealer, the game played by the lesser player is also a blackjack game that is so hard and less intuitive.

Poker is a Mental Game

Many years ago I used to be a very avid Chess player and reached a fair standard and represented my city on two occasions. However it is clear to me now that my game was severely limited in many key areas. Firstly I never received any structured coaching from anyone that was better than me. I read as many books as I could but that has many flaws attached to it. The main one is that you can go astray by simply misinterpreting the data or simply by reading too many conflicting opinions.

These days your edge is a lot thinner in many areas and so poker has become more of a mental game than it has ever been. Over the past few weeks I have started re-reading the books that I have at home on Zen which has acted as a sort of calmative on my psyche. I had been aware for some time that there had been something wrong with my game and it was clearly a mental issue. When your problems are mental and not technical then in many ways your problem is greater.

So I decided to attack my problems aggressively like I always do and at the levels that I play at (NL100) then I knew that my game was technically good enough. What the real problem was tended to be me not being patient enough during play and looking to over press. What my answer was I will reveal shortly but yet I was simply re-reading books that I had read many years ago. So it is clear that as poker players just like as in life then you are on a continual learning curve and new as well as old lessons have to be learned and re-learned.

I started to read books on Zen and its philosophy while playing poker and this really calmed me down. Many players would criticise this move because of the fact that you are not watching your opponents as closely. However if your mind isn’t right then everything else is built on sand and you simply will not make any money. While it has been early days, the past two sessions have seen a strong improvement in my mental state and there has been no undisciplined spewing within the past several thousand hands.

This is the key because it isn’t the number of sessions but the number of hands that you have played. In full ring then it is less critical to observe your opponents because of the fact that nearly all of your opponents will be playing tightly. Sometimes you just need to do something else within the game that keeps your mind in the game. If this means doing something else whilst playing (as strange as that sounds) then so be it.

This is a tactic that I have undertaken to do in the past and it worked well for me then. The next question is why if I knew the effectiveness of a certain tactic did I not continue to repeat it? That my friends is one of life’s great mysteries. Poker, both online such as Situs Judi Bola and offline, is a mental game because losses these days are much more difficult to get back.

Blackjack Stories Funny and Touching Stories About Playing Blackjack

If you have a funny or touching story about an experience you’ve had playing Blackjack, why not share it with our readers on Judi online? Please use the story submission form at the end of this page and have your experiences immortalized on our web site!

My buddy and I were in Las Vegas celebrating his twenty-fifth birthday and had been hitting the casino bars pretty hard. We ended up at Circus Circus at about one in the morning and started playing Blackjack. The dealer couldn’t hit anything and everyone at the table was winning and having a good time. The drink service got progressively faster as people continued winning and the waitress had just delivered what was probably my fifth or sixth beer when I won a big double down bet. I got so excited that I knocked my beer over and then made it worse by trying to pick it up and dropping it again. And then again.

Pretty much the entire beer had now spilled all over the table and the cards actually started floating around. I think the pit boss was pretty mad, but I was too hammered to be embarrassed and simply leaned back, ordered another beer from the waitress, watched while they cleaned up the table, and continued playing. I eventually  in a drunken stupor – lost back everything I had won, which I’m sure is why they let me keep playing.

I was playing Blackjack at the El Dorado in Reno one night and sat next to an elderly lady who looked very lonely, was losing big and drinking heavily. Since I can’t keep my nose out of other people’s business, I leaned over and whispered politely, “Do you really think you should be drinking so much at your age?” She simply looked at me and said, “I’d rather be drinking so much at your age.” It sort of seemed to say it all.

I was in Atlantic City at Trump’s place, playing Blackjack at a full $10 table. One of the players was pretty obnoxious and abusive to the dealer and we were all getting pretty sick of him. Then, on one hand, he drew two small cards, took a hit and got a two, took another hit, and got an ace. This gave him 20, but I guess he got confused getting so many hits and counted the ace as a one, thinking he only had ten and called for another hit. The dealer politely asked him again, pointing out that he had a 20 showing.

The jerk shouted “Don’t tell me how to play, I know how to count. Just do what I said and deal with the cards.” He then drew a five for a soft 15, took another hit for a seven and busted. Everyone else at the table had stood and the dealer then proceeded to bust. The guy on my right whooped and yelled “Yes! Everybody wins! Except of course for the guy who hit a 20 ” I thought the dealer was going to choke trying to hold back a laugh.

Hit Vegas with my new boyfriend one weekend and found out he’d never played Blackjack before. So I stood behind him at the table to coach him. About the third or fourth hand, he was dealt a 17 and asked me what to do. I said you always stand on 17. So he stood up. I think I spit out my drink laughing so hard. We’re still together

I saw the most incredible thing at the MGM Grand. I was looking on at a $50 minimum bet Blackjack table and watched a sort of scruffy-looking guy betting what must have been five $100 chips on each hand. I stood there about 15 or 20 minutes and watched him lose hand after hand after hand. It was an incredible streak of bad luck, plus he wasn’t playing very well. I didn’t keep track but he must have lost six or seven thousand dollars just while I was watching. Finally, his chips ran out and I thought he’d probably get up and slink away. But he just leaned back, put his hand in his pocket, and pulled out a thick wad of $100 bills, tossed them on the table and said “chips”. He then continued to bet $500 per hand as if nothing happened. I couldn’t watch any longer and had to walk away.

It Only Happens Once

True story. I was playing at Slots O Fun in Las Vegas, which is a pretty low-class joint, right next to Circus Circus. But it does have low limit Blackjack, which is its main attraction as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure they get all the new dealers here who can’t get a job anywhere else. Anyway, on one hand, almost everyone stands, and the dealer busts, so he begins paying everyone off. He pays off the first two or three people and then the pit boss taps him on the shoulder and starts talking to him about something or another. In the meantime, everyone picks up their winnings. When the dealer turns around again, he looks a bit confused, like he doesn’t remember where he left off, so he started at the beginning and paid everyone a second time. We’re all dying and hoping everyone else can keep their mouths shut, which fortunately they did. Probably were hoping they’d be the next one to get paid twice.

What Free Online Poker Rooms Can Do For Beginners

Both hardcore poker players and casual ones alike find that they can get a lot of enjoyment and benefits out of playing in free online poker rooms. The advantages of playing in these rooms are numerous to say the least, the most obvious of which is that they are completely free.

So much can also be said about the high availability of such rooms. This comes as no surprise considering the high volume of online poker players at any given time. If we could have a rough estimate, there might be thousands of online poker players right this very minute. That’s how popular online poker has become, and it takes just a few minutes to find a suitable online poker room with sufficient amount of players if you know your way around the internet.

It is also through free online poker rooms that beginners learn how to play the game. Almost all poker online sites have a ‘how to play’ section that can be read by those who want to learn.

What appeals most to beginners is that free online poker rooms are less intimidating than playing in a real poker game. For one, those you play with won’t be able to tell by looking at your face that you don’t know half of what you’re doing. And since free online poker rooms don’t involve real money, you don’t have to worry about getting bankrupt as a result of being a novice gamer.

This is the perfect way to understand the basics of poker as it involves creativity and innovative thinking on the part of players especially beginners as that would help them develop confidence while playing in a casino but for practicing, it goes without saying that Judi Online is the best option they can avail in the long run.

In fact, free online poker rooms are the perfect place to hone your skills as a poker player. The rules are almost always the same as those used on poker rooms that involve money anyway. You can learn different combinations that work in different kinds of situations.

You learn when to fold and when to hold, depending on the playing style of your fellow competitors. With experience, a pattern that will help you in the game should form in your head. You learn the mechanics and the nuances of the game, and after you’ve got a sufficient amount of experience, you can start playing in online poker rooms that involve real money with more confidence.

Keep in mind that players tend to become more competitive and cutthroat in their approach to the game when playing on a table that involves real money. Chances are you’ll get burned even if you’ve already earned a lot of practice from free online poker rooms. But at least you won’t get beaten so badly, and there should be a significant rise in learning curve after you’ve played a few tables.

If serious competition is not your cup of tea and you just want to enjoy the game for what it is, free online poker rooms are perfect for you. This game is as good as any when it comes to helping people unwind after a stressful day at work.

Now that you know what free online poker rooms are about, let’s get you started in the right direction. Just use Google and use the keywords “free poker rooms.,” and you’ll be amazed at the amount of sites you can go to. Learn everything that you can about the game, and more importantly, have fun!

Club USA Casino

Club USA Casino (Otherwise known as Club World Casino) is among one of the more respected online casinos, as they use the coveted Real Time Gaming software that is trusted in the industry. Vivid graphics and animation assists in guiding players throughout the site. The casino layout translates into wonderful eye candy for game activists. Club USA Casino’s strong suits are their exceptional customer support staff. Direct phone, live chat, and an e-mail will connect you 24/7 to a team of operators who will assist you in anything you might need during the gaming process. Welcome bonuses are available, but can sometimes be a little confusing for players. Club USA Casino uses the latest in security encryption to protect all player’s gaming accounts and they pride themselves on providing fair gaming practices. Reliable payment processing and fast cash payouts have made Club USA Casino an online success since 2005 and they accept most U.S. Players.

Up to three welcome bonuses provide players with an array of options. The three superb bonus offers include the signup bonus, reload bonus, and the high roller bonus. The first is a match bonus of 100% of a $100 deposit. The second reload bonus is a 50-75% match bonus for the 2nd and 3rd deposits. Flexibility with sign-on bonuses makes for a nice starting point in building up well-rounded bankrolls. Players can pick lower percentage bonus rates that come with higher limits. Wagering requirements are rather strict on the welcome bonus and is 30X the bonus, in addition to the deposit amount for Blackjack and Video Poker. For some of the other games, it is 15X the bonus, plus the deposit amount.

Players can register for real money accounts by depositing through Credit Card, UseMyWallet, eCheck, Instadebit, ECO Card, Click2Pay, Neteller, and Moneybookers. The minimum deposit amount is $20 with a maximum deposit permitted of $1000. eCheck requires a minimum of a $100 deposit. Deposit transfers are instant and player’s detailed information is held in the highest confidence as far as privacy and safety go. Club USA Casino currently accepts denominations in US dollars, Euro and British Pounds.

 Withdrawals can be handled through ACH, UseMyWallet, Instadebit, ECO Card, Click2Pay, Moneybookers, Neteller, Wire Transfer, and MoneyLineWallet. The minimum withdrawal is $20, except for ACH and Wire Transfer. Maximum weekly retrieval is set at $4,000 and most transfers are considered to be instant, other than 2 days for ACH and 10 days for Wire Transfer.

Regular slot tournaments occur frequently on Club USA Casino such as Monday Magic and Tourney Tuesday. Club USA Casino takes the cake for presenting challenging weekly Blackjack tournaments! Non-stop action happens daily as well for multi-hand gameplay. Most of the daily tournaments play for small-time prizes, but occasionally the stakes are raised from time to time with big-time money-making potential.

New member tournament players are treated to a 100% match deposit bonus that totals up to $150 for Blackjack and Poker and worth up to $777 for Keno, Slots and Scratch Cards. Players who want to get some practice play can try their hand at Club USA Casino’s free tournaments to perfect their gaming skills. Players can also just sit back and watch the action as it happens or chat with others during tournament play. A multitude of players will vie to be the lucky first place winner in the $500 World Freeroll tournament. For instant access to daily Blackjack tournaments, sign up with Club USA Casino now.

It is a fact that Club USA Casino has more Blackjack tournaments running simultaneously than any other online casino, which makes Club USA Casino a leading casino contender for big-time Blackjack players.

Over 120 games can be played for real cash or just for fun at Club USA Casino. Players can use download applications or try the smaller flash versions. Blackjack lovers will particularly like the fact that Club USA Casino features several variations of the beloved game. Over four Dozen types of Slots and Video Poker are sure to thrill players just as well as their classic table games. Progressive games with larger prizes are inclusive of Caribbean Holder, Caribbean Stud, Let ‘Em Ride, Good to Be Bad, Shopping Spree, Crazy Dragon, Light Speed, The Shark, I.R.I.S. 300, Mid-Life Crisis, and Jackpot Pinatas. Slot enthusiasts won’t be able to get enough of Cleopatra’s Gold. Cleopatra’s Gold is a fun 5-reel 20-line slot game with a very large progressive jackpot. Slot professionals will be impressed with the full package of games that Club USA Casino features. Real-time slot action keeps players riveted to their computers and games are compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux. At the end of the day, Club World proves its self to be a worthy adversary for any other online casino. This brand is stand up, their games are incredible and they treat their players like gold.


People who love to gamble online expertise themselves in the art of betting so that they can earn more from the casino games. There are many games offered in online casinos just like any traditional casino. however, Judi QQ Online is an additional casino game added in the list and is now trending as the hottest one for betting. 

Proper Blackjack Betting is Necessary to Maximize Winning Streaks

Actually, if you are a Basic Strategy player, in the long run – the very long run – it doesn’t matter what betting system you use. You will always lose the equivalent of the house edge (about .5% if you play perfect Basic Strategy). There are dozens of computer simulations that prove this. Whether you bet the same amount each hand (flat bets) or use a progressive system, in the long run your results will be the same.

So why do we recommend using some sort of a progressive betting system? Why not just keep things simple and bet a flat amount on each hand, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of one more thing? Two reasons:

  • Betting the same amount every hand, every time is .well, boring. Blackjack should be challenging and fun.
  • If you bet the same amount each hand, you will never be able to capitalize on winning streaks. And in the short run, winning streaks can and do happen, just as losing streaks do.

All Blackjack experts say that the outcome of your last hand has nothing to do with the next – and they are right. However, the experts will also have to agree that streaks do occur often in the short run. If you don’t use at least a mild progression, you will never walk away from a winning session with anything but a very modest amount.

In fact, streaks happen often, and progressive betting capitalizes on that. At the same time, it can kill you on choppy stretches where wins and losses alternate, if your progression is too aggressive. Progressive betting can magnify both your wins and your losses. When players opt for winning at the games, then the gathering of the information from reliable site is necessary. The management of the funds is done with the information available at site. The behavior of the player at the site is the pleasant one instead of aggression. It is necessary for the players to understand the concept and gain the advantages. 

But this is, after all, gambling. With progressive betting, you’re assuming more risk on a losing streak for the chance to win more on a winning streak. It’s simply up to you as to how much risk you want to take on. If you want the least amount of risk, then always make flat bets. Personally, we find the additional fun and chance to win more with progressive betting to be worth the downside risk.

It doesn’t always work, but card counting doesn’t always work either. Sometimes the dealer wins when the shoe is rich in high cards, and sometimes the player wins when it’s lean. Even so, over the long haul the only true way to get the upper hand is to count cards. But that takes hundreds of hours of practice and a huge bankroll. This simply isn’t practical for the 98% of Blackjack players that play recreationally and for fun.

For more information about good betting strategies and other advice for the non-card counter, check out one of our recommended Blackjack books – Powerful Profits From Blackjack by Victor H. Royer. It’s especially accurate at describing Blackjack playing conditions today and is an excellent addition to your Blackjack library.

If you want a Blackjack software that will help you sharpen both your playing and your betting skills, try the award winning Blackjack Mentor by DeepNet Technologies. It’s not a game, but a powerful blackjack training tool for the Basic Strategy player.

Each number represents a betting unit – whatever you want it to be. For example, if you’re playing at a $5 minimum bet table, your bets would be: $5-$5-$5-$15-$25-$25-$50. Whenever you lose, go back to the beginning of the progression.

This is a fairly slow progression, as you don’t start increasing your bets until after you’ve won three consecutive bets. But then, even if you lose the fourth bet, you still break even and start over again. And after four wins, you’ll always come out ahead, no matter when you lose. Of course, the longer your winning streak, the more ahead you’ll end up.

If you willing to assume a bit more risk for the change to make more on a winning streak, here’s a slight modification to the above sequence:

With this progression, you start increasing you bets after two wins and after three wins you’ll always come out ahead. But be aware that a choppy shoe can hurt you more with this progression. If you win two and lose the third, you end up one unit behind. So, you could get on a streak of winning two, losing one; winning two, losing one; etc. You could thus win two thirds of the hands and still end up a loser! However, if you get on a winning streak several times of three wins or more, you will have a much bigger win.

As we said, it just depends on how much short term risk you’re willing to assume.

If you DO get a hot streak and aren’t using some sort of winning progression system, then you will win much less. There is a documented case of a player winning 23 Blackjack hands in a row, who won several thousand dollars because he kept increasing his bet. With flat betting, he would have won only $22.

The trade-off is that a progression system will magnify both your wins AND your losses. You have to decide if it’s worth it. Also, while critics of progression system say they don’t work because past events have not affect on future events, it is true that in a game like blackjack there can be legitimate reasons for “streaks” of bad or good cards. For example a clump of face cards may form and not be entirely eliminated by the shuffle. Thus, when this clump is reached in the deal, the high cards help the players and may create a “run” of good hands for the players. When this happens, a positive progression betting system will help you capitalize on it.

Progressive systems are fun and can make it more likely that you’ll win in the short term. Just remember that over the very long term you’ll come out the same.

But the main goal for the recreational player should be to have fun, without losing your shirt. Progressive betting can let you experience the thrill of beating the casino in any given session, so long as you practice discipline and good money management.

If you want to practice your betting strategy in an online casino, one that we recommend is Sands of the Caribbean. It made our list of best online casinos and you can feel safe and comfortable playing Blackjack there.

Throne of Egypt – Online video slot developed for potential gamblers

THRONE OF EGYPT is an online video slot developed by MICOGAMING. This slot has 5 reels and 25 winning paylines and it also has a popular Egyptian theme with some fantastic sound effects.

The symbols on the reels consist of various different Gold Ornaments and three different Egyptian Characters. The WILD symbols are the THRONE of EGYPT Logos and they are also the top paying symbols. These symbols are STACKED when they appear on the reels and will substitute all of the symbols on the reels apart from the SCATTER symbols.

The Scatter symbols are the and when two of these Scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 1 and 5 (furthest to the left and furthest to the right) from one spin, you will instantly be awarded 15 FREE SPINS. All wins are double during this Free Spin bonus game, which can also be retriggered.

There is also a SCATTER BONUS symbol to look out for. This is the EYE symbol and when three of these symbols appear scattered anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4, the main feature will be triggered. Toto site will offer the 안전 놀이for the playing of the poker card games. Along with it, different websites are available which are verified for proving the safe playground to the gamblers. The success rate of the players is increased with the safe and secure playing of the slot games at online websites. 

This is a simple picking round which is played out on a second screen. You will be presented with 12 scarabs and all you have to do is keep picking these until you find the KEY.

Once this key has been found, you will be able to advance to the next level. Finding this key will also award a win. On the next picking level, the aim is to pick 3 out of 9 EAGLES and once again you must find the key to advance to the next level.

If you make it to the PRINCESS BONUS level, all you have to do is choose one of the three princesses to reveal a MULTIPLIER. This will multiply your accumulated total and all winnings will be instantly added to your balance.

You can place a bet on this slot from as little as 0.25 coins up to a maximum of 25.00 coins per spin (based on betting the maximum number of paylines per spin). You can adjust your line-bet, coin value and the amount of paylines that you want to play by using the player controls that are located just beneath the reels.

There is an Autoplay feature available in the expert mode which has various different settings. You can choose a pre-selected number of autospins, allowing up to a maximum of 500. Autoplay will stop once you have reached a bonus feature.

Players can also adjust other in-play settings such as the sound options, quick spin and the quality of the graphics, which is handy if you are using a slow computer.

This game can be launched instantly in the Flash mode or via the secure Microgaming download client, plus it is also available in either the free play demo mode or in the real cash mode.

Throne of Egypt is a good slot with a decent bonus game. This popular Egyptian theme should appeal to lots of players, as well as the decent prize structure.

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