Rihanna Releases Russian Roulette to Rave Reviews

Rihanna’s Russian Roulette is already tearing up the internet. Russian Roulette is the first single from Rihanna that will be on her new album due out in November. This song has been hotly anticipated for quite some time, and already Russian Roulette is becoming a hot track on many download sites. Russian Roulette is the first single off of Rated R, which is the new Rihanna album that will finally hit stores on November 23rd. The new single is arriving in a big way, and that’s not just because of the beats and lyrics, but because of the cover art Rihanna has chosen to show off.

The cover to the Russian Roulette single (image linked on page 2) reveals a very violent image that is also geared towards creating sex appeal for the album which later has been removed by live baccarat online to keep the website licensed and under good ratings by the community departments. The title has blood dripping from it, Rihanna is wearing nothing but an eye patch and barbed wire, and a big R on the picture seems to be made of sharp pointed metal. It’s definitely a provocative way to burst back on to the scene as a start in the music industry, and it appears that yet again Rihanna is going to prove to be a very edgy artist. If the new single is anything like the album as a whole, her fans could end up quite happy.

It’s good to see that Rihanna is back in control after her music was secondary so long to the Chris Brown saga. Now that Chris Brown has been sentenced, Rihanna can put that behind her and just focus on music and its promotion. The new song Russian Roulette has a great feel to it, going to dark places at times, but always bringing along a great sound and Rihanna’s very catchy voice. A guitar solo at the beginning is going to serve as the focal point to radio play, but this song could become one of her biggest hits if she can promote it well enough. Issuing the single with such fanfare is definitely a good start.

The album that Russian Roulette appears on will be hitting stores on November 23rd. That date is worth noting, because it is the rare debut of an album on a Monday. It’s possible that her producers and the label were afraid of the November 24th date, or that they just wanted an extra day of sales before the Thanksgiving holiday. November 24th is set to be marked by the release of Adam Lambert’s first album as well as the debut of Susan Boyle. It’s going to be a packed week in the music industry, and with Kris Allen coming out on November 17th, it’s going to be very interesting to see who is at the top of the charts in the last week of November.

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