Sit and Go Tournament Poker Strategy

This is a sit and go strategy for no limit Texas hold em poker. There are typically three stages during a sit and go tournament.

Early Stage –

This is during the beginning of the game. In a single table sit and go tournament you will normally have 9 players maximum on a table. It would be considered early play until there are 5 players remaining.

Middle Stage –

This is often refereed to the bubble. The bubble is when there are only a few players left to get out until you make it in the money.

Late Stage –

By now you have made it in the money and your main goal is getting first place. If you are a fan of pkv games online, you may already have an experience already in playing sit and go tournament poker. 

During early stage of a sit and go tournament, I will play really tight. The advantage to this is that others image of you will be that you play extremely tight. We are going to use this to an advantage. First of all I wouldn’t play much of anything besides these 10 starting hands.

  1. Ace, Ace
  2. King, King
  3. Queen, Queen
  4. Ace, Queen
  5. Jack, Jack
  6. Ten, Ten
  7. Nine, Nine
  8. King, Queen
  9. Queen, Jack
  10. Eight, Eight

The way you should play these hands before the flop would be to raise. With the top two starting hands I would most likely go all in. In the early stages there seem to be a fair amount of wild players and this is where sometimes you will catch them. It can be boring, but remember you’re saving your money for the cards that will give you a better advantage.

Now you are in the Middle Stage. This is where a lot of new players start to tighten up and you want to do the exact opposite. The blinds are now worth stealing and will actually give you substantial profit. If you’re the dealer, and only the small and big blind is involved in the hand, go ahead and raise it two or three times the big blind. This steal will win you many blinds. I would also advise doing the exact same raise with any of those top 10 starting hands. I would also now start playing with Ace X suited. Meaning any hand with a ace and any other card as long as they are suited. The purpose of playing this hand is to get a flush. If on the flop you only hit one of the suited cards, I would fold to any bet. Using this strategy will help you build up your stack while others will be slowly diminishing.

Now that you are in the money you are going for the gold. People seem to drop like flies once you hit this stage. The blinds are so high during this stage, it forces people to go all in with almost any hand. In this stage it helps to have a decent chip lead. This is where you can continue to steal peoples stacks if they are really short stacked. If you have a decent hand force them all in. If you are short stacked in this stage, I would go all in with any one of those top ten hands discussed earlier.

Using this guide you should now have a grasp on sit n go tournaments. There is enough knowledge here to get you to the bubble every time. Play smart and you too can make money playing poker.

William Greco is a feminist trying to encourage women to pursue their dreams in casino industry with his creative and powerful writings.