The Gold Casino

When you play at our blackjack tables, you literally bet gold! You might wager 2/10ths of a gram, get a blackjack, and hence win 3/10ths of a gram of solid gold!

DGCs are digital gold currencies. The first (and the biggest) DGC is , and the basic principle is as follows:

Actual gold bullion is stored in secure vaults in locations like Geneva, by metal-reserve specialists. When you obtain e-gold, you obtain ownership of some part of this stored gold (just the way that many national curriencies worked in the past, when they were “backed by gold” or by other precious metals). You can then spend your gold to other users over the web, instantly — and you can receive payments instantly as well! Remember when you first got email? E-gold is to regular money what email is to paper letters.

Also, because e-gold is 100% backed by real gold at all times, it can’t arbitrarily fluctuate or “collapse” or “inflate”. One gram of e-gold is always tied to one gram of actual gold. Some people feel that this not only makes e-gold far superior to many of the other types of “internet money” already fallen by the wayside, it may also make it more secure than most of the world’s paper money!

The Gold Casino is completely unaffiliated with e-gold… we are just another merchant using e-gold. Tens of thousands of people now use e-gold to escape the inconvenience of conventional money. And many online merchants now accept e-gold for products and services.

Once you have an e-gold account, here are just a few of the many businesses in different parts which will sell you e-gold, using your national currency. These are all very reputable businesses that buy and sell huge amounts of e-gold and other digital gold currencies:

(You can get an idea of the size of the e-gold “universe” by clicking here…the e-gold stats page. As you can see it’s common for four or five million dollars worth of e-gold to be spent each day.

More recently, a number of other gold-backed internet currencies have emerged.

The Gold Casino is happy to accept

Tell me more about ‘instant payouts’!

E-gold is as immediate as cash itself. With The Gold Casino, you can redeem your winnings from us absolutely instantly. Keen online gamblers love us for this reason alone!

When we say instant, we’re serious: we don’t mean in 7 days or 4 days, we mean the split-second you press the button. Absolutely no credit-card refund hassles; no waiting for a “check in the mail” — your gold is yours, immediately!

We’re purists! You can only gamble with pure, real gold here — it’s that simple! If you already have an e-gold account, try a few centigrams on the best of online gambling, with 100% gold.

And if you don’t have an e-gold account, click here to open one now! Accounts are free, and could not be more easy or more private. Then, simply fund your e-gold account by purchasing a little gold from one of the many “Market Makers” who exchange e-gold (see below). Due to the incredible growth of e-gold, you’ll easily find an exchange provider near you.

Fund your e-gold account with fifty or a hundred quid worth of gold. Then try The Gold Casino and enjoy 21st century online gaming. You’ll never go back to old-fashioned money. E-gold is money for the internet age!

What else can I do with the gold I win?

DGCs are now incredibly popular. Remember when email first started to become popular, and then suddenly everyone had email?

Millions of dollars worth of e-gold is used every day. People are paid in e-gold, shop with e-gold, pay bills and rent with e-gold. It is becoming very popular on eBay, for instance.

This clever page shows the exact usage of e-gold over the past 24 hours…

How do you open an e-gold account? It’s easy, and it takes about 20 seconds:

The gold in your account can either be converted back into ordinary currency, or spent directly at “gold economy” sites like these:

E-gold is a revolution on the web. The money of tomorrow is actual gold, spendable instantly on the internet.

And playing at The Gold Casino with e-gold is incredible, a breakthrough, because TGC is the only online casino where your winnings are paid instantaneously. This is only possible with digital gold currencies …that’s why The Gold Casino is so revolutionary. Like the invention of the fax machine or email, The Gold Casino changes the way things work.

Again, if you don’t already have an e-gold account, click here to open a free account now!

Once you have an e-gold account, here are just a few of the many businesses in different parts of the world that exchange e-gold to and from national currencies:

For example, say you want 20 grams of e-gold. (That’s about 250 Euros worth.)

Getting your e-gold is no more complex than sending a check or payment for €250 to an exchange provider such as the above.

It’s that simple! Open an e-gold account and a TGC account today — don’t hesitate! Thousands of satisfied players are winning real gold, right now, and receiving their winnings immediately!This is the chance of a lifetime so don’t waste time and open up your own official account on e-gold and enjoy the best games that they have to offer right from dominoqq online to situs judi with the regular bouts of blackjack and slot machine added for good measure that give you the necessary adrenaline rush to keep yourselves going in this lockdown season where there is nothing much to do while sitting at home.

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