Casino Poker

When Is It Worth Playing For Money

As the whole point of bluffing and risking some hard-earned money is completely stripped from the game and therefore, if there’s nothing to lose there’s nothing to stop you from betting hard on any hand.

But there are plenty of “free” online poker sites out there, and they can be a little useful in teaching yourself the basics; like which is “the river”, which blind follows which, and what a flop looks like, just click on mega888 download and get one at your mobile phone. However, unless you either have too much money already in your bank account or your blood pressure can’t actually take real gambling, these sites will only sustain you for a very short time. So when should you step up to a money game?

It’s normal to start playing poker for free (or at least for pennies as you would at friendly family afternoon games) but with the internet being what it is, what you used to get at home you can now get 24/7 online (and I’m not just talking about poker). These free-sites do have their uses, as in casinos there are no such things as free lunch, there certainly isn’t anything like a free poker game. Strange as it may seem, with their colorful décor and friendly welcoming manner, but casinos are only interested in turning a profit (amazing isn’t it?). If you want to get a free lesson in what happens on a poker table then thank the internet because at any time of the day or night there’ll be thousands of like-minded beginners playing free poker online. But when should you make a move into the more grown-up world of “actual money” poker, how will you know you’re ready.

Free poker tables being what they are, they usually are utterly bereft of proper players, because if they’re proper players they will be playing proper games and winning (or losing) proper money. So when you can play with and beat the lambs, then you can step up – certainly not before. If you are the type of player who has to keep reloading your account every day with fake credits then your skills are not yet worth risking real money on. So if you’re happy to lay down some real money what’s the most important thing to be aware of?

Playing Texas hold ‘em or any poker in free rooms is an exercise in loose play, No real money is at risk, so nobody is scared about losing their money, and with nothing to lose there’s no real reason not to stay in on a low percentage draws. So when you firsts sit at a real online table, you MUST tighten up your play and realize that your opponents won’t be chasing leprechauns, they’ll be playing tighter games. Playing loose (as you did at the free tables) you will go broke soon enough, and find yourself back at the free tables. With this in mind don’t try to run before you can walk, by that I mean don’t go from Free Games to big-money games. Out there, there are some nice “bridging sites”, that’s the micro-limit sites, where you can play for actual money, just not very much of it. This is the place where you can find out if you do have the minerals to actually gamble.

William Greco is a feminist trying to encourage women to pursue their dreams in casino industry with his creative and powerful writings.